Herban Voyage

Indicas are generally grown from north of the equator in colder temperatures.  They are short and squatty plants with a quicker harvest time apx. 55-65 days.  Indicas effects tend to have a body-centered, stoned, couch lock effect.  These types of strains are great for sleep, ptsd, chronic pain, and many more.  

Hybrids are a combination of sativa and indica plants crossed together though pollination.  They have a large variety of effects since they're are a majority of strains that are crossed together to make hybrids.  Generally the effects of these strains are level headed and have wonderful tastes.  Depending on the strain they are used for a daytime medication.  

Sativa plants are grown right near the equator and have long flowering times.  They are also harder to grow than smaller flowering plants since it is harder to keep them healthy within the final weeks of flowering without any sprays or issues you may have with your room unless it is completely dialed in.  The effects are uplifting, with a heady high this cannabis will keep you active and is a great day time medication.  A lot of people use this medication for depression.